MadGizmo Dev Log

AerialDrop v1.0.2

AerialDrop ChangeLog Bugfix Chat Audio

AerialDrop v1.0.2 has been released, it features:

  • In-game chat is now a full featured chat that shows up in a modal, includes friend list and team info.
  • Modal background is now flat colored and slightly transparent.
  • Use of push.js to stop a bug from causing unsupported devices (mobile) from getting an error from chat notifications.
  • Fixed timeout issues when forms were submitted without data.
  • Fixed issue with effects not changing volume while being played.
  • Optimized shooting so in rare cases it doesn’t glitch and shoot instantly next turn.
  • Optimized code which checks if a mech is currently touching the ground, before it would use a lot of processing power depending on the amount of active collisions.
  • In-game menu icons (menu, fullscreen and chat) all now have a icon change effect that happens when active (or with chat, if unread messages are present).
  • The Ranks page has been redesigned to follow similar design elements.
  • Updated the Manual to talk about which move is which when selecting them in-game.
  • Guest now defaults to a Easy Target Practice match while waiting for someone to play.

My decision for the full chat via a modal is the fact that the game is turned based, which gives free time for people to enjoy using the chat and not negatively impact the match.