MadGizmo Dev Log

AerialDrop v1.0.3

AerialDrop ChangeLog Bugfix Optimization Audio Effects

AerialDrop v1.0.3 has been released, it features:

  • Health bar has an improved look (using gradients) and now has a damage effect which shows how much health you lost.
  • Explosion circles for explosion damage are now visable so you can see the range of the additional damage.
  • Major otpimization with movement and other loops, removed expensive functions to another loop which checks them less frequemently.
  • Changed to binary parsing with websockets to improve speed.
  • Fixed an error with the high latency check in rare cases.
  • The auto-zoom funtion that runs every turn to show all mechs at the closest zoom amount has been updated to get even closer but still show everyone in the view.
  • Timers have changed: Lobby - 3 Seconds, Map Selection - 6 Seconds, Mech Selection - 9 Seconds, Ready Set Go - 12 Seconds, and each turn is 24 seconds with an additional 3 second delay.
  • A death effect now shows on the dead mech, which is fire and a lot of smoke.
  • New win/lose sound effect: SOS
  • Mech fall sound effect & mech disable sound effect (aka killed but didn’t fall).
  • Queue is now consistant, before it would randomly stop searching.