MadGizmo Dev Log

AerialDrop v1.0.5

AerialDrop ChangeLog Bugfix Optimization Audio Effects

AerialDrop v1.0.5 has been released, it features:

  • Mech movement audio has been intensified so its more noticable when your moving.
  • Friends and friendlist associated features are all functional and fixed (rewrote it all, as it was overly complex before)!
  • Overall optimization of how the chat works, how it sends and recieves data is more streamlined.
  • The timer in each stage of the game (Lobby, MechSelection etc…) has been updated to look like a mini in-game timer, with associated effect.
  • A few tweaks to the Ready Set Go start to make the font look bigger and a more stylized effect.
  • Other users profile data no longer comes up in its own modal, it is present in a small popover and also works with the game chat.
  • The select glow for the user card is now brighter.