MadGizmo Dev Log

AerialDrop v1.0.9

AerialDrop ChangeLog Bugfix Optimization Text Effects

AerialDrop v1.0.9 has been released, it features:

  • Firework effect has been improved and optimized.
  • Particles has been improved and optimized, resulting in a minor changes in most particle effects.
  • Smoke from explosions is now dark.
  • Fixed issue with mech getting stuck in the ground with hard hitting collisions.
  • Added sound effect for when a map or mech is selected that all players hear.
  • The AerialDrop effect (damage and fireworks) is now based on each bullet and triggered once per turn, so for example with a double shot the first shot will not trigger the effect for the second shot.
  • Crew now shows in the profile popover in chat.
  • Updated the usercard and glow effect.
  • Improved the death fire effect once again.